Welcome To 2018!  Time to take stock of where we've been, assess how we did and resolve to do better. Always enjoy good company with your favorite wines & food!

WIne Zone is an importer and distributor of Artisan Wines established in 2013. 

We represent family owned vineyards producing Italians worth drinking and easy to fall in love with!

"Growers" whose wines reflect the authenticity that derives from the cumulative experience of their generations in the vineyards and in the cellars. 

We do not tout ourselves by saying our inventory includes legendary wines, but we pride ourselves, in offering outstanding choices. These are the hallmarks of the wines we import. 

Arneis - Barbaresco - Barbera - Barolo - Bonarda - Chardonnay - Cortese - Curtefranca - Dolcetto - Erbaluce - Favorita - Franciacorta - Freisa -  Gattinara - Gavi - Grignolino -  Pinot Nero - Riesling Italico - Sauvignon Bianco  & Spanna.

We do not sell what we would not drink. "Non Vendimus Puod Non Bibimus".